• Vegan Coconut Malabi

    Totally forgot that you’re hosting some friends and family for the last night of Passover? Want to impress them with a fantastic gluten-free dessert? This simple vegan malabi is just what you need!

    vegan coconut malabi in individual glassware

    As I have been traveling for the past few months and make do with whatever kitchen appliances were available, I wanted to come up with a simple yet festive dessert.

    malabi ingredients with black backgrounda wooden spoon with malabi pudding

    Passover (Pesach) is one of the major Jewish holidays and I like to impress my guests or hosts, regardless of where I am in the world.

    When cooking for Passover, the main challenge is the fact that everything has to be gluten-free, or more precisely, it is not allowed to use leavening agents (and if you’re reading these lines, it probably means that it has to be plant-based as well). To be on the safe side I prefer to make gluten-free dessert this time a year.

    topping the malai with roasted almonds

    Malabi is a great solution! This very popular custard like Arabic/Israeli dessert, that is traditionally made with heavy cream, and topped with pink rose water, coconut flakes and peanuts. It’s naturally GF and served in small glasses, which makes it just perfect for a dinner party.

    This vegan version is coconut-cream based and, in my opinion, it is even better than the original recipe!

    a single glass of malabi ready to be served
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