• Gluten-Free Spinach Burrekas Pastry

    Forget everything you thought you knew about gluten-free and vegan pastries and try this incredible recipe!

    two gluten free vegan burrekas pastries next to a vegan yogurt dip

    Sometimes I feel so lucky to be living in a place like Tel Aviv; with warm weather, tons of vegan-friendly restaurants, endless yoga studios, great people and a short walk from the beach.

    fresh greens: spinach, parsley and cilantrogreen onions and shallots

    But actually, after spending the last couple of month away from home, it's clear to me that one of the best things about it is the availability and variety of fresh produce. Well, you know, it's only when something is taken away from you, you can really appreciate it!

    chopped onion sauteed in the panchopped greens sauteed in the pancreamy spinach and cashew filling

    Since we came back I'm obsessed with everything green - cucumbers, spinach, parsley, cilantro, kale, and green onion are at the top of my list at the moment. Flavors, textures, and colors just taste, seem and smell better here.

    soaking the rice paper in wateroverlapping two round rice paperscutting along the rice papers to create a straight end

    Another thing about Tel Aviv is that it's a very small city, which naturally affects the foody community. When something becomes a trend, everyone knows about it within a few hours!

    rolling the rice paper into a tight long sausage-shaped rollwrap the rice paper around itself to form the shape of a snailTucking the end of the rice paper roll under

    The latest health food trend in Israel, brought by the blogger Dvir Bar creator of Wheat Out, is a gluten-free take off on a very famous Israeli dish - Burrekas (or Borek). Burrekas is a baked filled pastry made of a thin flaky dough. It comes in many different fillings but the most popular option is cheese.

    Dvir is a gluten-free food blogger who had the genius idea of using rice paper sheets to create a GF Burrekas! His recipe was an immediate success and once I came across it I knew I had to make a plant-based version.

    lining a round pan with parchment paperplacing the burrekas snails in the panburrekas snails before baking

    The funny thing was, that by the time I wanted to make it every food store around the city was out of rice paper sheets. It became a local sensation, everyone wanted to try and make the GF Burrekas. Luckily, Guy was able to find some at the market and we had the chance to test and adjust this delicious vegan version!

    burrekas snails after bakingburrekas snails next to a yogurt bowlburrekas snails dipped in yogurt
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