• Vegan Beet Kebab On Cinnamon Sticks With Red Cabbage Salad

    A must have recipe for any BBQ gathering.

    vegan beet kebab on cinnamon sticks with tahini and red cabbage salad

    These beet kebabs are juicy and full of flavors.

    vegan beet kebab on cinnamon sticks before cooking

    It is our go-to recipe for family gatherings or a quick family dinner.

    Everyone is gonna ask for a taste, vegans or not, adults or toddlers, so you might want to double the recipe.

    vegan beet kebab on cinnamon stickred cabbage salad with vegan mayo
  • Healthy Picnic Perfect Carrot Muffins

    Light vegan muffins that can easily be adjusted for babies. A must have for your spring picnic basket.

    Healthy Picnic Perfect Carrot MuffinREAD MORE >
  • Grandpa's Passover Charoset

    This is my family's recipe for charoset. A perfect blend of dates, pecans, walnuts, and hazelnut.

    charoset spread on matza READ MORE >
  • Gluten-Free Skillet Pita Bread

    The recipe that can take your Passover experience to the next level. 10 minutes quinoa-buckwheat pita bread.

    a stack of gluten free pita breadREAD MORE >
  • Mini Vegan Chocolate-Peanut-Butter Hamantaschen Cereal

    Tiny Hamantaschen cookies served as a bowl of cereal. The perfect way to celebrate Purim at home.

    a spoon of mini vegan peanut butter chocolate hamantaschen cereal with almond milkREAD MORE >
  • Vegan Baked Feta And Cherry Tomato Pasta (Trending On TikTok)

    My version of this easy addictive recipe that went viral on TikTok.

    Vegan Baked Feta And Cherry Tomato Pasta SauceREAD MORE >
  • Indian Chai Latte With All The Spices

    This warming delicious latte is perfect for a cold morning.

    indian chai latte with all the spicesREAD MORE >
  • Chocolate Hamantaschen With Pistachio Filling

    If you're celebrating Purim and trying to get away from the classic hamantaschen fillings, or if you're just into chocolate-pistachio combo - these cookies are for you!

    holding a chocolate hamantaschen with pistachio filling and chocolate coverREAD MORE >
  • Easy Artichoke (Carciofi) Alla Romana

    A simple version of a favorite Roman dish that highlights the fresh flavors of artichokes.

    Artichoke (Carciofi) Alla Romana ready to be servedREAD MORE >
  • The Ultimate Valentine's Day Chocolate Box

    Always wanted to create a unique homemade chocolate box for your loved one? Follow a few easy steps and learn how to make vegan dark and white chocolate!

    valentine's day vegan chocolate boxREAD MORE >
  • Tu Bishvat Cookies With Chocolate And Dried Fruit

    Vegan graham cookies, covered with dark chocolate and dried fruit. Made especially for Tu Bishvat holiday, but perfect for any other day.

    tu bishvat cookies with chocolate and dried fruitREAD MORE >

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