Vegan Mac And Cheese With Cherry Tomatoes And Green Leaves

A creamy, comforting, delicious, plant-based version of the classic mac and cheese dish.

Vegan Mac And Cheese With Cherry Tomatoes And Green Leaves

I get many requests for classic “kids dishes”.

So here you go.

This is one of my favorite childhood dishes.

As kids, we use to make it from the box.

Now I bring you the homemade, upgraded, healthy, vegan version.

Honestly? it’s soooo good!

And yes, before you ask, you can modify the bok-choy with different greens. Kale, spinach, and chard would all fit perfectly.

blending the vegan cheese sauce with tomatoes
blending the macaroni with the vegan cheese sauce
Vegan Mac And Cheese With Cherry Tomatoes And Green Leaves

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Prep Time
20 minutes
Cook Time
15 minutes


  • 1 pack of macaroni

For the tomato sauce

  • 10.5 oz yellow cherry tomatoes
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 0.5 bundle of fresh basil
  • 1 bok-choy or kale
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

For the white sauce

  • 2 cups homemade almond milk or organic soy drink
  • 2 tbsp red lentil flour
  • 1 tbsp tapioca flour or cornstarch
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1 tsp light miso
  • 0.5 fresh lemon juice


  1. Cook the macaroni as instructed on the package (it's recommended to keep 1 cup of the cooking water).

  2. Prepare the green leaves and tomatoes- wash the vegetables, separate the basil's stems, and peel the garlic. Halve the tomatoes, chop the greens and the garlic.

  3. Place a medium saucepan over medium hit, add the olive oil, and once hot add the garlic and tomatoes. After 2 minutes or so, add the basil and bok-choy / kale, saute for additional 7 minutes, and set aside.

  4. Prepare the white sauce- place the almond milk, flours, nutritional yeast, miso, and lemon juice in a large saucepan and mix together. Transfer to the stove over low-medium hit and mix constantly to ensure a smooth texture. If required, add more almond milk or lemon juice.

  5. Add the tomatoes mixture into the white sauce, and whisk together. Taste and adjust, adding more liquids or nutritional yeast if required.

  6. Mix with the pasta and serve warm.