Choosing My Life-Path

Discovering my true life-path; changing my lifestyle and taking care of myself.

me in full wheel pose with a blue sky backdrop

So, we're back in Tel Aviv, back home; and guess what? after all this time off from our 'real' life I'm still not sure what I want to do when I grow up. Instead of dawdling over that feeling I decided to take control and figure things out one day at a time.

sitting in namaste pose
Arches National Park, Utah

Since it was obvious I'm not going back to the firm and ready to leave my career as a lawyer behind me, my mind was set on one thing - what do I want to study next? My desire to learn new things is never-ending. Just over the past couple of years I :

  • Studied to become a Bach Flower practitioner;
  • Took a variety of nutrition-focused classes at a training school for practitioners of Integrative Medicine;
  • Attended many yoga retreats and workshops;
  • Attended an Ayurveda immersion weekend in Colorado;
  • Participated in a vegan cheese and superfood workshop;

And took many other seminars and classes.

Utthita Parsvasahita pose from the back
Hanging Lake, Colorado
Hanging Lake, Colorado

But this time felt different, I wanted to make sure I'm being really honest with myself when choosing my path. Ever since I started Vganish I felt that I'm heading in the right direction, but what would be the thing to complete my puzzle and help me choose my life-path?


I could just feel it running through my body.

Through my bloodstream and into my heart.

The signs were all there and I just had to listen.

collage of yoga poses in arches national park
Arches National Park, Utah

I want to be a yoga teacher. I want to help people connect with their life path through this amazing practice that in just two years changed my life and perspective.

So once again I followed my heart, and this time it got me to a small and cozy yoga studio in Tel Aviv. Once I stepped in I knew this is where I needed to be; I knew that I found my next piece of the puzzle.

tree pose
Arches National Park, Utah

I will be starting my yoga teacher training this fall. In that small studio in Tel Aviv and I can't wait to share this experience with you.

dancer pose
Arches National Park, Utah

Happy International Day of Yoga and summer solstice to all! Inviting you to celebrate the gift of yoga.

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