Chasing My Heart Got Me To Colorado

Sharing some thoughts and insights from our Colorado adventure.

wearing pink in front of our house

Last Sunday afternoon as we were hiking up the snowy hill behind our house, Guy surprised me with the most beautiful engagement ring!

our hands together with the engagment ring

It was a truly magical moment, just the two of us alone at the top of the hill, everything around us was shining white, the sun was out and there was not even a cloud in the sky.

the view from the hill

Our magical moment reminded me of a heart chakra yoga practice we attended earlier this month, just before valentine’s day.

Anahata, the heart chakra is located in or behind our hearts. It is traditionally associated with the color green, which is the color of growth, life and balance. When you think about it, that makes so much more sense then associating our heart with the color red, as we usually do. Going with your heart is to follow your dreams, to have the courage to find your inner balance, to flow with the natural course of things, of nature.

practicing a head stand in the snow

As you probably know if you have been following me on any of the social networks, and especially on Instagram, we have been spending the past couple of months in Summit County, Colorado.

This decision we made, to take a step back from our daily routine (that is often very stressful), pack our bags (and snowboard gear) and move to Colorado for the entire winter season, might seem odd, but it is the best decision we ever made. We decided to follow our hearts and it led us to Colorado.

the two of us snowboarding under the full moon light

Did you ever decide to follow your heart? If not, please try it, it might just change your life. And remember, following your heart usually takes courage, so don't be surprised if you have to make some hard decisions along the way; it’s not a coincidence that the French word for heart is “cœur”.

feeling amazed with my engagment ring
engagment ring close-up

Personally, I decided to set some heart-chasing goals for 2019:

  • Get married to Guy
  • Start my yoga teacher training
  • Start my own blog
  • Practice yoga every day
  • Read more books
  • Travel to somewhere exotic I never visited before
happy in the snow after the proposal

Want to set your own goals? Here are some tips:

  • Start small with things from your daily routine, close relationships etc.
  • Move on to the things you always dreamed about doing but never had the courage or time for.
  • Finish with heart-chasing goals that are almost like a faraway fantasy, much like taking a 5 months long leave of absence and move to Colorado to snowboard and write a blog.

Share your goals and heart-opening experiences with me using the hashtag #myheartgoals .

photo booth style of the two of us

And one last thing, you are welcome to check out our engagment video:

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